Salobreña Town Hall gets further into debt
Friday, 03 April 2009
Amongst horror stories of bankruptcy along the Costa Tropical, the socialist party of Salobreña (PSOE) has been all too pleased to point out the incapacity of the local municipal government to pay council employees, let alone deal with public debts or manage the administrative purse. The Town Hall has already borrowed 650,000 Euros during the past two months and is now in need of further funds to sort out its current debts (quite aside from the 7 million Euros it's quoted to sort out the castle).

Salobreña urgently requires one million Euros

Once this further borrowing takes place, the Town Hall will have exhausted its limit on borrowings, namely some 3,650,000 Euros owed to banks and building societies. What the PSOE is at great pains to explain, though, is that the funds should be directed at outstanding debts to suppliers, rather than looking after their own bureaucrats. Especially when these salaries are ending up costing 50% more than their original estimate. One month’s worth of salaries, for example, is working out at a very sizeable 500,000 Euros for a reasonably modest size government body. When you’re spending so much more than you’re depositing, something just does not compute. Perhaps those responsible in Salobreña should have been watching the debacle in Almuñécar and Granada much more closely.

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