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"Give him alms, woman, for there is nothing in this life like the grief of being blind in Granada". Francisco de Icaza, (Granada city�s motto)

With such historic wealth and modern day zest it is hard to do sum up the city of Granada in few simple words. In addition to the world famous Alhambra � the series of palaces and gardens built by the Nazrid princes in the 14th century � Granada has a host buildings full of history and stunning architecture set amid the modern, thriving city of today. Visitors to Granada can immerse themselves in history; visiting the Alhambra, the Royal Chancery, the Arab University, the Cathedral and its wealth of museums. Or, history aside, tourists can enjoy the thriving restaurant and bar scene, good nightlife and excellent shopping to be found in the city. BAS�LICA DE NUESTRA SE�ORA DE LAS ANGUSTIAS. DEDICADA A MANUEL SERRANO.
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Even without the Alhambra - which is now a UNESCO world heritage site � Granada has a fascinating history. First settled by the Celt Iberians, in the 10th Century BC, Granada was known at that time as Ilbyr, a name which was taken up by the Romans when they built a town on the site, called Illibris. In 300 AD, Illibris hosted the first council of the Spanish Church, and is said to have played an important part in the Christianisation of Spain. This all changed in the 8th Century when the Moors, invaded, conquered Spain and made Granada their own. Successive Muslim leaders ruled the city until 1492, a period of more than 700 years. It was the Nasrid dynasty however, founded in 1238 by Ibn Yusuf Ibn Nasr which gave Granada its famous Moorish architecture, gradually building the spectacular Alhambra palaces and gardens over the next three centuries. The dynasty fell in 1492 to Queen Isabel of Castile and her husband Ferdinand of Aragon, the last Muslim kingdom in Western Europe to yield to the Christians. Since the reconquest Granada's Christian rulers have also left their mark on the city, constructing the part-Renaissance, part-baroque Cathedral, various Churches and the Palace of Charles V within the Alhambra complex. During the 20th Century town planners have also left their mark on Granada, erecting a series of housing blocks that have spread out to the south of the old city and across the plain for several kilometres.


For tourists and locals alike Granada has a wealth of things to see and do. The historic districts of the Albaic�n, Realejo and Sacromonte each hold their own secrets and history. At the centre is the city�s old town, the Albaic�n. The area's winding streets and houses are still one of the finest examples of Europe of a medieval town, with crooked, cobbled streets and tightly packed houses. Behind the Albaic�n is the Sacromonte mountain first inhabited by poor gypsies in the 16th Century, who dug caves out of the mountainside to create cheap dwellings. Today flamenco performances still take place in the cave houses although the area is no longer exclusive to gitanos (gypsies). The Realejo is said by many to be the best place to see modern day life for Granadians. In addition to that it contains many of the city's monuments due to its long history. Before the arrival of the Moors the Jewish population had their fortress in the area. When the Christians took Granada they devastated the neighbourhood of the �hated Jews� and named it El Realejo to show it was now the property of the crown. In addition to these districts there are still two hammam: Arabic baths in the city, with hot and cold pools for a relaxing experience if you are feeling weary and footsore. Like much of Andalusia, it is a particularly enjoyable experience to go for a drink in a bar as you will get a free �tapa�, Calle Elvira in particular has many good tapas bars which also do inexpensive and delicious meals (raciones).

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Ventanas de La Alhambra
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Man in black
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Atardecer dorado en Granada (HDR)  (Autor Jes�s Municio)

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Granada desde La Alhambra
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